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Reboot Vivo Z5x

Here you can learn how to Reboot Vivo Z5x Android phone easily. You must reboot your phone to fix slowdown issues and fix network related problems.


What is a Reboot?

A reboot is a process of restarting the electronic device. Reboot closes all running applications on your device. Reboot will not delete or wipe any personal data like photos, apps, and contacts, etc.

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Reboots can be either “Hard” where the power to the system (phone) is physically turned off and back on again or “Soft” where the system or phone restarts without the need to interrupt the power.



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Why need to Reboot Your Phone

  • You can speed up your mobile device.
  • A reboot is necessary when you install the software update or install any other software or app etc.
  • You can clear temporary cache data.



Vivo Z5x Reboot

Method – 1

  • First, Switch off your Vivo mobile, by holding the power button.
  • Now, Hold down the Volume Up + Power Button
  • When you see the Logo screen, release all the buttons.
  • Afterward, you will see the Recovery menu.
  • In this step, Choose Language English, using Volume buttons and press the Power button to confirm.

Vivo Recovery Mode

  • After that, You will enter Recovery mode.
  • Then Select Reboot System.
  • Well done, Reboot completed on your mobile.



Method – 2

  • First Hold down the Power button for a while.
  • After that, You will see Options appears on your mobile screen.
  • Then, tap on the Reboot option now.

Vivo Reboot option

  • Wait for a while.
  • Now Your device will be rebooted successfully.



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