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Why is My Location Wrong on My Android ?

Location Wrong Android Phone Guide
Location Wrong Android Phone Guide

Incorrect Location on Android Phone

Okay, so you look at your Google Maps or you’re shopping and you notice that the website and applications you are using is referencing you as somewhere you are nowhere near. Why is this happening? Why is my location wrong on my Android Phone? Below, we’ll visit the reason and how to fix this problem.

Why is My Location Wrong on My Android Phone?

There are many reasons as to why your location is wrong on your Android phone. Often times, the geographic location tracking on your phone is due to configuration and/or data being incorrectly processed. The most common reasons as to why your location is wrong on your android is because of an application or a misconfiguration on your end.

Here we will review the steps to correct your wrong location on your Android mobile device. Below we look at the top 4 reasons why your location is wrong on your Android device and how to fix it.

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These are 4 Methods That Explains Why Your Location is Wrong:

  1. Inaccuracy – Method 1: Increase the accuracy of your GPS on your Android Device.
  2. Mock Locations – Method 2: Disable Mock Locations
  3. Refresh GPS Data – Method 3: You need to perform a GPS reset.
  4. 3rd Party Application Issues – Method 4: Uninstall conflicting application.


How to Fix Wrong Location on Android Device


Method # 1 is to Increase the Accuracy of GPS

  • Go to your phone’s “Settings” and look for the option “Location” and ensure that your location is ON
  • Mostly the first option under Location is Mode, tap on it and set it to High Accuracy. It estimates your location using GPS and mobile networks or Wi-Fi.
  • It will consume more battery but it is the most efficient method to give you an accurate location.


Method # 2 is to Disable Mock Locations

  • First, go to Settings of your Android device.
  • Now scroll down and look for the option Developer. If this option is not available then open About phone.
  • Under this option tap 6-7 times on Built Version. You will receive a message “You are now a developer!”
  • Now hit the back button and you will find the Developers option there.
  • Open the Developers option and turn it OFF.
  • Or scroll down and turn Mock GPS Manually OFF.


Method # 3 is to Refresh your GPS Data

  • Sometimes your device gets interrupted on certain GPS satellites, even if they’re not within range, causing it not to work properly.
  • To fix this problem you can install an app by name GPS status and Toolbox to clear your GPS data.
  • In the app, tap anywhere on the screen:
    • Menu Icon—Manage A-GPS status—Reset, when done go back to Manage A-GPS state—Download.
  • Your GPS data will refresh.
  • Perform a hard reboot on your Android device.


Method # 4 is to Uninstall Issue Causing 3rd Party App

  • You can check if any of the installed apps is causing the problem by simply rebooting in safe mode and checking for GPS location in Safe Mode.
  • If you find Google Map working fine for you then definitely it is one of the installed apps causing the problem. Uninstall all fake GPS apps and also any unconventional app downloaded from other than Play Store.



These solutions above may be the reason why you are looking at wrong location on your Android device. Going through these steps will be able to solve your problem.

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