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Find WiFi Passwords on Android? How to Guide

How to Find WiFi Passwords on Android
How to Find WiFi Passwords on Android

How to find WiFi passwords on Android?

Having a smartphone means that you connect to tens of different WiFi networks and enter the password in just once all that time. Unless the password is something extremely easy to remember, you’ll find a hard time remembering what it was even a few minutes from entering it into your phone. So what can you do if you forget your WiFi password? Even when the passwords are saved and secured on your phone, there’s a chance that you might actually have to reset your phone, losing them forever. What will you do then? Well, don’t worry about it because there are ways that you can find your WiFi passwords on your Android phone, it’s quite easier than you probably think. Let’s take a look at how it’s done on Android phones.


Finding WiFi passwords for Android 10 and Above

It’s very simple to find out the WiFi password on an Android 10 device but if you’re looking for Android 9 Pie and older devices, skip to the section below.

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In order to find WiFi passwords on Android 10 phones or with a later software, follow these steps on your smart phone. It’s quite easier with latest Android phones than it is with older Android software so you won’t encounter many problems.

  1. Open the Settings menu on your phone. Then go to the Network and Internet


  1. Next, you’ll have to select the WiFi option from the list mentioning other options like Hotspot, Airplane mode, Advanced Settings etc. See which WiFi you’re connected to at the moment.


  1. Right below the list of available WiFi networks available in your vicinity, you’ll find a menu that mentions some settings related to the WiFi networks. Select the Saved Network option to see the list of all the networks you have previously connected to with your phone including the one you’re currently on.


  1. Now you’ll have to select the network from that list for which you need to find the WiFi password. Verify your passcode or fingerprint and move to the next page.


  1. On this page, you’ll observe that a QR code appears, which is there to help you share that particular network with others. Right below the QR code, you’ll see the password for that saved network. Copy it or write that down somewhere.


Finding the WiFi Password for Android 9 and older

This procedure is for the Android-based smartphones that use Android 9 or older versions. It’s a tad bit harder than it is with older Android software but our guide will surely try to make it as simple as possible.

Another very important thing to remember is that you’ll need to root your Android phone in order to make this method work. Rooting the phone is a little technical but you’ll find hundreds of guides, walkthroughs and articles available online for every Android-based phone out there to make things simple for you.

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After you’ve successfully rooted your phone to gain the highest possible access to your device, follow these instructions:


  1. Open the Google Play Store in order to download a password viewer app. You’ll find a lot of options there. Select one with good reviews both on the App Store and online.


  1. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it successfully, launch the password viewer app and grant it your root access.


  1. Its main page will show you all passwords you’ve used to connect to relevant WiFi networks on your phone.


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