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Top 10 Best Web Browsers for Android TV

top 10 Best Web Browsers For Android TV
top 10 Best Web Browsers For Android TV

Except for Firefox for Android TV and TV Bro, most browsers still require an additional “air mouse” remote or wireless mouse for Android TV devices and the new Chromecast with Google TV.

The most recent and compatible browsers (with direct download links) are listed below. Despite the fact that it is a pretty powerful browser in general, I would personally avoid it since its “air mouse” pointer location does not line up perfectly on the screen.

Here we review the top 10 best Web Browsers for Android TV.

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1. Puffin TV Browser

Puffin TV is an Android TV browser.

Puffin TV-Browser is an option because it is tailored for use with Android TV. It operates quicker than any other web browser thanks to native Android TV compatibility. It allows you to watch movies, listen to music, and browse the web. Puffin TV-goal Browser’s is to improve the browsing experience on Android TV. Because the interface is intended to be straightforward, it will not feature a typical web browser UI. It has the quickest JavaScript engine and is compatible with high-end Android TVs. Puffin TV Browser has lightning-fast page loading and rendering.

2. TVWeb Browser for TV

TVWeb Browser – Android TV’s Best Web Browser
TVWeb Browser for TV is an additional native web browser functionality for Android TV. On Android TV, users may enjoy entertainment, music, videos, news, media, games, and much more. It is a new browser that allows you to conduct various tasks with your TV remote. TVWeb Browser supports bookmarking, browsing history, user agent switching, and other features.

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3. Android TV Web Browser

To access the web, Android TV users can use Web Browser for Android TV app. With native support, you can use it to browse images, videos, and lots more content. It has a bookmarking option that allows you to instantly open or store favorite pages. The Web Browser for Android TV app offers high-quality video streaming. It also allows you to watch HTML5 full-screen videos.

4. TV Bro

TV Bro is another another browser that works with Android TV. It is designed to be compatible with the TV remote. So, you can use it for browsing on Android TV. It is an optimized browser to have extended features. For instance, it supports bookmarks and tabs. You can use your voice to search for anything on the web. Similarly, its users will get the support of switching user agents. Other notable features of TV Bro include a built-in download manager, shortcuts, browsing history, etc.

5. Best Browser for Android TV (Sideloading)

Since most of the web browser apps aren’t compatible with Android remote, we have listed some best browsers that can be over the sideloading process.

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Note: We recommend downloading Android TV Remote Control apps on Android devices to use the phones as a remote controller. With this tool, you can navigate and access content without any limits. It lets you switch between d-pad and touch-pad easily.

6. Chrome – Best Web Browser for Android TV

Although Android phones come pre-installed with Chrome, it isn’t the case with Android TV. Chrome isn’t available for Android TV officially, and hence it needs to be sideloaded from third-party sites. The interface of Chrome is almost the same and looks like its mobile version. However, you will be limited with the features and accessing them on Android TV. Chrome sync your bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, etc. So, you can use these features on Android TV.

7. Firefox

Android TV users can try Firefox, one of the best browsers with lots of features. Like Chrome, it has no native support for Android TV. However, Firefox extension support is available for Android TV, and you can use it to browse the web. Firefox gives the best of YouTube browsing on Android TV in terms of speed as it takes low buffering time. You can choose between different browser extensions available on Firefox to surf the web from Android TV.

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8. Opera

One of the safest web browsers is Opera, and it supports some features on Android TV. With its unavailability of the official app, Opera needs to be installed from a third-party source. However, using an Android remote controller app, you can access its features like speed dial, offline pages, etc. The most noteworthy feature of Opera is its support for an ad-free web browsing experience. So, Opera on Android TV will load pages at a faster rate.

9. DuckDuckGo Browser

If you look for privacy while browsing the web, then DuckDuckGo Browser is the go-to choice. Again, it lacks official support for Android TV but provides limited features upon installing the third-party sites. It is one of the best browsers to take control of your privacy on the web. Duck Duck Go will block trackers from stealing your information and never let them track you.

10. JioPagesTV

You may have heard of the JioPages browser for Android, but Reliance Jio also offers an Android TV version of same browser. You don’t need to bother about sideloading an APK or anything because the app is available directly from the Play Store. Simply download the browser and you may begin using your TV to surf the internet. JioPagesTV, in addition to the browser features, provides a plethora of extra material. The browser also supports regional languages and provides a selection of selected videos. You may also utilize incognito browsing here, which is quite convenient.

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These are the top 10 best Web Browsers for Android TV.

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