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Software Update Swipe Phone

You can easily Update Swipe software for free. Download and install the latest version of Android OS. The software update may fix slowdown issues, and install new features.

Here we are providing different methods to update Swipe software.

Backup all Android Data before updating your mobile.

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Before the update, Your phone battery must be above 50% and must have an active internet connection.

Select Your Mobile to Update Software

  1. Swipe 9X Software Update
  2. Swipe Volt 1000 Software Update
  3. Swipe Sonic Software Update
  4. Swipe Halo Fone Software Update
  5. Swipe Konnect 5.0 Software Update
  6. Swipe Konnect 4 Software Update
  7. Swipe Konnect 4E Software Update
  8. Swipe Sense Software Update
  9. Swipe Marathon Software Update
  10. Swipe Konnect ME Software Update
  11. Swipe Elite Software Update
  12. Swipe Elite 2 Software Update
  13. Swipe Junior Software Update
  14. Swipe Virtue Software Update
  15. Swipe Konnect 5.1 Software Update
  16. Swipe Elite Note Software Update
  17. Swipe Elite Plus Software Update
  18. Swipe Elite 2 Plus Software Update
  19. Swipe Konnect Plus Software Update
  20. Swipe Elite Star Software Update
  21. Swipe Elite Max Software Update
  22. Swipe Konnect 4G Software Update
  23. Swipe Elite Power Software Update
  24. Swipe Konnect Grand Software Update
  25. Swipe Konnect Star Software Update
  26. Swipe Elite 3 Software Update
  27. Swipe Elite Sense Software Update
  28. Swipe Konnect Neo 4G Software Update
  29. Swipe Konnect Power Software Update
  30. Swipe Konnect Star 2017 Software Update
  31. Swipe Elite VR Software Update
  32. Swipe Elite 4G Software Update
  33. Swipe Neo Power Software Update
  34. Swipe Elite Pro Software Update
  35. Swipe Elite Dual Software Update

Software Update Via Settings

This is the best method to update your Swipe phone software. You can speed up and get new features after updating your mobile software.

Your mobile must have an active internet connection to update with this method.

Follow these steps to update Swipe software.

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  • First, Open the Settings app on your Swipe mobile.
  • Next, Find and Select the Software Update option.
  • Or, search Software Update on search box.
  • Now, you can see the latest software version, if available.
  • Then, Tap on the download button.
  • Now, software being downloaded.
  • Wait for a while.
  • After the download completes, click on Verify and Install.
  • Now, you can see a popup message “To install upgrades, you need to restart your phone. Do you want to continue”?
  • Click on the OK option.
  • Your phone will be restarted and install the new software.

This software update method will not erase any data (like photos, apps, and contacts) on your phone. But you must back up your phone data to prevent data loss.

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Software Update Via Recovery Mode

If the above method doesn’t work, use this recovery mode to update software.

First, download the latest software version for your Swipe phone and move it to the root directory of your Swipe phone storage or SD card without decompressing;

Follow the below steps to enter Recovery mode.

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  • First, Download the Software Update file and move to SD Card storage.
  • Switch off your Swipe mobile, by holding the power button.
  • After that, Hold down the
  • Volume Down + Power Button or
  • Volume Up + Power Button.
  • When you see the  Swipe Logo screen, release all the buttons.
  • If you did not go to recovery mode, check out Hard Reset Android guide.
  • Afterward, Choose the wipe data/factory reset option, Using Volume Buttons and confirm with the Power button.
  • Navigate with Volume Buttons to select Yes option and press the Power Button.
  • Once the reset is complete, you will be bounced back to the same recovery mode menu.
  • Now Choose Apply update from SD card option.
  • Then Locate Downloaded software Update file from Storage.
  • After that, Tap on the software Update file and install it.
  • Your device will begin updating automatically.
  • Next, choose the Reboot to System option.
  • Finally, your device should boot to the new version.

Download Stock ROM or firmware

You can download the firmware for your Swipe phone for free. Follow the below steps to manually download the ROM or Firmware.

Download Swipe Firmware

Note: Use this method if the first method is not working.

How to Stop Swipe Update?

The system update or software update cannot be stopped once it starts (Means when you tap on verify and install). And if you force to end update, it might damage your phone. We suggest you not to try it.

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You can stop when the software is being downloaded.

Why does Software update always fail?

If the software update fails every time on Swipe , Follow these steps to solve.

  • Enter this number *#*#001#*#* on the dial pad, find is root=option. If is root=1, you need to flash the firmware to recover the system, then you can install it normally.
  • If is_root=0, follow these steps for a try.
  • Change another network or connect to the more stable Wi-Fi network, then download & install the update for a try.
  • Then, Clear the data of Download manager and System update.

Why need to Update Software?

It’s a good idea to update your phone software to the latest version. Software updates often include software patches. They cover the security holes to keep hackers out from your device.

These are the best points to Why you must update your phone software.

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  1. To Speed up your Android device and fix slow down issues.
  2. Software update helps keep hackers out.
  3. To get new features or better compatibility and remove outdated ones.
  4. Protect your phone from the latest threats.

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