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10 Top SMS Tracker Android Apps for Spying on Text Messages

Top 10 SMS Tracker Android Apps For Spying
Top 10 SMS Tracker Android Apps For Spying

10 Top SMS Tracker Android Apps for Spying on Text Messages

SMS tracker applications allow you to follow text messages from another phone and view them remotely.

top sms tracker apps for phone spying

The development of the smartphone has altered the way we communicate. Smartphones not only allow you to stay in touch with loved ones, but they also let you track your children’s activities. Keeping children safe is essential because the influence of evil people may quickly throw them off course. Parents should keep a watch on their children and know with whom they are engaging. SMS tracker applications might assist you figure out what your children are up to because texting is most popular among adolescents. There are various good SMS trackers for Android that you can download and utilize.

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What are the best text message spying apps?

Let’s take a look at the top SMS monitoring applications for tracking SMS, location, and secretly forward text messages (android).

DISCLAIMER: The applications are for educational uses only, any illegal use is strictly prohibited and users must adhere to local laws.


Spy To Mobile service is available all around the world. Spy To Mobile was created to monitor Android devices. You may use it to read SMS messages, examine call history, contacts, find your child’s present position, or check the tracking history for today, GPS location yesterday, or any other time.

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SMS to phone/mail Application

IAP is available for free.

SMS to phone/mail is a simple software for tracking text messages sent from an Android phone. It automatically forwards text messages from one phone to another or to an email address. The software supports cross-device synchronization for SMS transmission, allowing users to read messages from several devices at the same time. It works for both outgoing or simply incoming SMS and enables the user set contacts and text rules.

Forward SMS texting Application

Price: $9.99 a year

Forward SMS messaging is a simple yet efficient method of tracking text messages sent from another phone. This is a MySMS messaging app extension that allows users to send and receive messages from their PC. The SMS mirror app is a paid function that allows the user to watch text messages and phone conversations on another phone. For monitoring reasons, install the standard my SMS app on the phone and mysms mirror on the target phone. Create an account and specify which messages and phone calls should be forwarded.

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A 14-day free trial is available, after which the subscription costs $9.99 per year. It includes a plethora of premium services such as SMS forwarding, synchronizing SMS text messages across two phones, sending and receiving texts using your second phone’s number, receiving real-time notifications for text and calls, group chats, and more.

Chat Message Tracker Application

Chat Message Tracker Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Chat Message Tracker is a great free SMS tracker for Android. It functions as a genuine spy software, allowing remote access to and reading of messages and chat chats. It’s a free text message surveillance tool that works with the majority of popular messaging applications, including WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype, Hike, Messenger, and more are on the way. Possibly the finest app for reading text messages from other phones.

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FamiSafe Price: Free/ Offers IAP

FamiSafe is a fantastic parental control software for Android that can identify suspicious text messages on the target phone. The software integrates with nearly every major social networking platform, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. Users may also create a list of potentially dangerous terms to identify any text or online search that includes them. This alerts you to any potential bullying, violent, or aggressive conduct.


Price: Free trial/ $3.99 per month

MMGuardian may be downloaded for free and costs $3.99 per month.

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MMGuardian is another useful sms tracker software for listening in on phone calls. It delivers text message, social media chat message, and online search notifications. You will see chats from social applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram in addition to standard SMS texts. Regrettably, it only provides a 14-day trial period. Following that, you may select a monthly or annual membership.

Text Monitoring

Price: Free/ Offers Parental Control App for IAP Text Monitoring

Text Monitoring allows parents to monitor their children’s phone activity. Text message history, phone contacts, phone call history, web browsing history, and other information are available to users. You may also set the amount of privacy for your children as they get older. The app provides a 7-day free trial.

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Monitoring Call SMS Location

Cost: Free trial/subscription

This is a great SMS tracker tool for keeping track on your child’s SMS chats and whereabouts. It tracks SMS activity on the phone, as well as the phone’s location, call records, and a variety of other information. Users also receive an email notice for each incoming call or text message, allowing them to keep a watch on their other phone and know precisely what is going on. This is the best hidden SMS software for Android that allows you to spy on text messages around the clock.
Monitor call SMS location is free to download; however, you only get three days free trial time to evaluate the service before opting up for a subscription.

Auto-forward SMS

Price: 1 month trial/ $4.95 per month

Auto-forward SMS is a simple software that sends a copy of each message to a second phone and an email address. It supports regular SMS, Whatsapp conversations, and even monitoring phone activities. The software is mostly used by parents and employees to track their children or employees.

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The internet has never been more hazardous, and it is posing a threat to a child’s healthy growth. It is our mother urge to defend our children even if it means risking our own life, but none of that works in online. To keep your child secure, you must arm yourself with the most up-to-date undetectable spyware applications for SMS. According to legend, when the hunter learnt to shoot without missing, the birds were forced to fly without perching. Never stop spying!

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