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How to Remove Yourself from A Group Text on Android?

how to remove Yourself from A Group Text
how to remove Yourself from A Group Text

How to Remove Yourself from A Group Text?

Group texting used to be an interactive and fun way to communicate with your friends, family or work team because with one single text, you can communicate to multiple people simultaneously and get feedback from the members at the same place. With time, group texts started getting annoying and spammy.

More the people inside a group, the more fuss it made upon each message. It can get very frustrating especially if you are not interested in the event or plans being talked about. Under these conditions, you must start considering leaving the group for good. But how?

Unlike iPhone, Android phones do not have any option to leave the group texts. On iOS, you have an option in the chatbox to leave the group.

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In Android, the only way not to be a part of a group text is to ask the owner of the group text to remove you. Below are some ways about how you can avoid text groups.


There are 3 options to “Removing” yourself from a Group Text

  1. Mute the Text Group
  2. Block the Text Group
  3. Ask the Owner.


Option #1: Muting the Text Group:

The first method is to avoid text groups is to simply mute the notifications of that group so you are not bothered or irritated when someone delivers a message.  For most people it is the notifications that annoy them not the messages, if the case is the same with you, mute the group and in a while, you won’t even remember that there used to be a text group. To mute the text group follow the below-mentioned instructions:

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  1. Locate the default messaging app your phone has and open it.
  2. Find the text group you want to mute. Usually, it is present on the top.
  3. Go to the menu by opening the group and clicking on the radio buttons present on the top right corner. Search for notifications. You can also long-press on the text group from the main view and mute it from there.
  4. Turn off all the notifications related to the group. Turn off the Allow Notifications option.

Option #2: Blocking the text group:

If you don’t want to keep the text group at all due to a storage problem or any other reason you can always block the group if they are not someone you chat every day with. If you have been added to a text group by mistake or don’t want to associate with it and the contact anymore you can try this method.

  1. Open the default messaging app
  2. Open the text group and find the owner, or long-press on the group and see an option of Block there.
  3. Click on the block and you are good to go. You can delete the chat if it isn’t already deleted.

Option #3: Ask the owner or admin of the text group:

As a last resort, you should step up for yourself and kindly ask the owner to remove you from the group. They should respect your decision and understand that the spamming might be irritating you. This will also make the owner think twice before adding you to a similar text group again.


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