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How to See Wi-Fi Password On Android Devices?

How to See WiFi Password on Android
How to See WiFi Password on Android

How to See Wi-Fi Password On Android?


As long as you’ve had a phone, you must have connected to dozens and dozens of Wi-Fi networks. Home, hotels, schools, shops, etc. every place has a Wi-Fi connection because it has become very hard to survive without internet in the present day and age. Every time you connect to a Wi-Fi router, your android device saves the password in its memory to keep the phone connected to the internet.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to find the Wi-Fi password, as you don’t remember it anymore. You might want to connect your second phone to the Wi-Fi or your friend wants to connect to the same hotspot as you. Under these conditions, it becomes important to recover the Wi-Fi password from your device. Don’t worry though. Here are some ways you can find the password from your android device:

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There are 2 ways to Finding Wi-Fi Password On Android Devices

  1. WiFi Settings (General > Wi-Fi Settings)
  2. Connect to PC and Check (see below)


Option 1: Wi-Fi settings (for Android 10 and above):

This method only works if your device has an Android version 10 or above. If you are using an earlier software, you can skip to the next method.

You need to locate the Wi-Fi settings on your device. It may be present in different locations based on the company you are using the phone of. On most devices, it is located in Settings, then go to Network and Connections, where you will see Wi-Fi settings.

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In Wi-Fi settings, you will see different Wi-Fi connections that are available in the area. If you scroll down you will see Saved Networks; which will have the networks you have connected to.

Select the networks you want to see the password of and click on share, a QR code will appear. You can scan this QR code by the new device you want to connect or you can simply write down the password given at the bottom of the QR code to connect.


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Option 2: Connecting to PC.

Finding the password of the Wi-Fi connection is hard on devices that have android versions lower than 10. If you are using a device with android version 9 or lower, you need to ROOT your device first to get access. If your device is already rooted, you need to enable developer mode on your device.

  1. Go to System options from Settings and then click on About Phone. Scroll down and you will see your device’s Build Number. Tap on this 7 times and a pop-up will show saying “you are now a developer”.
  2. Go to Developer Options where you will see an option USB Debugging, turn this option to ON.
  3. On your PC, install Universal ADB Drivers for better data transfer between the phone and the device. Install the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool on your computer.
  4. Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable and select the Data Transfer mode.
  5. Open the Fastboot tool and enter the following command in the cmd:

adb pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

  1. This will copy the password in a notepad file located in the same folder where you installed the Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool on your PC.
  2. When you open this notepad file the Wi-Fi password will be present here.

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