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How to Rotate a Video on Android Mobile Devices?

How To Rotate a Video on Android
How To Rotate a Video on Android

How to Rotate a Video on Android?

Smartphones have made it very easy to click photos and shoot videos at any time for everyone. Sometimes things can get irritating when the result of the action isn’t according to what you desired. Your video may be altered or inverted because of whatever reasons or you just want to rotate a video intentionally. Mostly due to a smartphone glitch, your video’s orientation is not corrected even if you have tilted the phone while recording. This is when rotating becomes important to get the desired end product. We have put together some ways you can easily rotate a video on your Android device. Check them out:

Using a Stock Video Editor:

Most of the new android devices come with an optimized and more powerful video editor right from the production. You can use this video editor to rotate your video very easily. If your phone doesn’t have a stock video editor you can opt for other options.

  1. Locate the video you want to rotate from the storage.
  2. Click on Edit, this will open the video editor.
  3. You will see a lot of different operations you can perform on the video.
  4. Now you need to find the Rotate option, which in most cases is in the Crop Try to find something that has circular or alternate arrows, this is the rotate function.
  5. Click on the rotate button and your video will have the correct orientation.
  6. Save the changes.


Use Google Photos:

Google photos is a great asset to have when it comes to editing your photos and videos. In most phones, it comes out of the box pre-installed as it is owned by Google. If it isn’t you can always install it from the play store for free. Once it is installed and set up you can continue to edit your photos or videos that you however you desire.

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  1. Open the Google Photos
  2. Click on the particular video that you want to change.
  3. Click on the Edit option present at the bottom.
  4. Locate the Rotate option and click on it until the desired orientation is obtained.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. You might not find the updated video in the gallery as Google Photos uploads the new items to cloud storage. You need to download the updated video, by clicking on the radio buttons present on the top right you will see the download option. After that, you will have the file in your phone’s storage.


Use Third-Party Applications:

There are loads of applications present on the Play Store market made only for editing photos or videos. These applications can have an edge over Google Photos because you don’t need to search through all the media just to find that one video. Upon opening the app you will only see the videos and you can browse through them easily. Also, you won’t have to do extra downloading you can directly save it to the phone’s storage. The steps are quite simple you just have to open the video in the application and click on rotate and simply save.

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