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How to Make A Conference Call on Android Phone

Conference Calls on Android Devices

Going back to ancient times, we found the “parties on the phone”, where several houses were connected to the same line. Those days are definitely gone, but having more than one person on the line is still a party! Almost all phones are capable of making a conference call, and most plans provide this feature. If you want to call two of your friends at the same time and don’t know how? keep reading! In this guide, we will go over, as simply as possible and in detail, how to making a conference call on Android phones ( mobile devices).

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4 Steps to A Conference Call on Android Phone

Let’s take a look at simple procedures for conducting the conference below:

1. Call one of the conference call participants. You can find them in your contact list, or simply use the keyboard to enter the number.

2. When the call is stabilized, click add call. The first person will be put on hold.

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3. Call the next participant. You can use your contact list or just dial the number.

4. Click “Join calls”. This will add the second participant to the first line.

You can add up to five people to the conference, depending on your operator. This method works with both iPhones and Android devices.

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Alternative Steps to Conference Calls on Your Android Phone

You can also take a look at Simple Method about How to make a conference call on your Android phone.

  • Call the first person. When the call is stabilized, dial the second number.
  • Click submit. When you do this, the first call will be put on hold, and the new call will be placed.
  • Click submit again. When the second person answers, click on ‘send’ to initiate a conference call.
  • If the second person does not answer, click ‘send’ again (twice) to cut the connection and start talking to the first person again.

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Things You Need to Consider When you make Conference Calls

  • If you are responsible for the conference call and your call is dropped, everyone’s call will also be dropped.
  • Conference calls are not available on all plans and in all areas. Some plans may even charge more for this type of call, even more, if they are long-distance!

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