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How to Clear Clipboard Fast on Android?

How to Clear Clipboard on Android
How to Clear Clipboard on Android

How to Clear Clipboard on Android?

How to Clear Clipboard on Android? Android phones are the highest selling smartphones around the globe because of their reliability and feature-rich Operating system. Android OS has a lot of features and most of them became so common that their importance is not appreciated enough.

A clipboard is one of those features that is very essential but apparently, people don’t know about it much. It comes with every Android phone as built-in functionality.

Clipboard stores all the text and content that you selected or copied temporarily. The oldest text or content gets replaced by the newest entry due to limited memory allocated to the clipboard.

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This means some of the data stays on the clipboard, but the good news is you can always clear the clipboard whenever you want. You just need to follow the below-mentioned methods. So how do I clear clipboard on Android phones?

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We can clear clipboard on Android devices easily, especially if we can manage the clipboard on android phones.

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There are 2 methods to clearing a clipboard on Android:

Here we look at steps to clearing the clipboard on Android.

  1. Use the File Location.
  2. Use the Clipboard Menu.


Clear Clipboard – Using the file location:

  1. The first step is to find and select the file when clearing out a clipboard. It should always be the first step whether you want to clear out a small portion of the clipboard or the whole of it; always find the file.
  2. Now, you need to select the part you want to delete, this can be done by long-pressing just as in the case of copy-pasting. This step is important for deleting a part of the content.
  3. After you have marked the part you don’t want, there will be a few options popped up. You need to select Delete or any similar term. After you have clicked delete, the marked part will no longer be saved on the clipboard.
  4. To delete all the content long press on it and simply press delete and your clipboard will be cleared.


Clear Clipboard – Using the clipboard menu:

Different phones have different interfaces, which result in different locations for accessing the same settings. On most phones, there might not be an option to access the clipboard after selecting the content. Those users can access the clipboard this way. You can find the clear option in the menu of the clipboard.

  1. First, you need to open up the keyboard on any app.
  2. After you have opened the keyboard, you will need to find the Clipboard Usually, it is present on top of the keyboard denoted by the clipboard symbol. If not there click the 3 dots and you might see it there.
  3. Once you have opened the clipboard, you will see the most recent data you have copied.
  4. Long press on the content you want to erase and hit the delete button, this will erase the data from the clipboard’s memory. If you want to clear all of the clipboard content simply press on the menu and you will see the delete button and press it.

If you are using any clipboard applications you can also clear them out very easily. Just go to settings and into the manage apps sections. Locate the clipboard app and go into the storage section. Simply clear the cache and all the content stored in the clipboard will be erased.

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