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Hard Reset Samsung Phone

Here is the complete guide about how to Hard Reset Samsung Android phone without password or pattern lock. Also, provide factory reset from settings method and unlock with Android multi-tools software for free.

If you forgot your mobile password or PIN, here you can easily unlock your smartphone.

Hard Reset deletes all your device data like photos and contacts etc.

Following Data will be deleted

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The following data will be erased from your phone after the reset.

  • Google account
  • System and app data
  • Settings
  • Downloaded apps
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • All other user data
  • Service provider apps and content
  • SD card decryption key
  • All SD card data

Before Reset

You must follow the below steps before resetting your device to prevent data loss and device software related problems etc.

  • Your mobile battery must be above 50%.
  • Remove SD cards and sims.
  • Read carefully every point in reset methods.

What is Hard Reset?

Hard reset is a process of formatting or wiping all data (Photos, Contacts, and apps, etc) on any electronic device (mobiles, routers, and TVs, etc). You will not recover any data after resetting your device.

Factory reset will fix many issues. You can speed up your device, remove the virus which causing malfunctions, and free up space, etc.

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Check out, detailed information about Hard Reset.

Select Your Samsung Phone to Reset

  1. Samsung Galaxy Ace Hard Reset
  2. Samsung Dart Hard Reset
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hard Reset
  4. Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Hard Reset
  5. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 La Fleur Hard Reset
  6. Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro Hard Reset
  7. Samsung Aviator Hard Reset
  8. Samsung Galaxy X Hard Reset
  9. Samsung Galaxy Ace Dear I619 Hard Reset
  10. Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Hard Reset
  11. Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Hard Reset
  12. Samsung Galaxy Ace Hugo Boss Hard Reset
  13. Samsung Galaxy Ace NXT Hard Reset
  14. Samsung Galaxy A5 Hard Reset
  15. Samsung Galaxy C5 Hard Reset
  16. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Hard Reset
  17. Samsung Galaxy C7 Hard Reset
  18. Samsung Galaxy Ace 4E Hard Reset
  19. Samsung Galaxy On Max Hard Reset
  20. Samsung Galaxy M10 Hard Reset
  21. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Hard Reset
  22. Samsung Exhibit II 4G Hard Reset
  23. Samsung Galaxy Ace Style Hard Reset
  24. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Hard Reset
  25. Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Hard Reset
  26. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 LTE Hard Reset
  27. Samsung Galaxy A9 Hard Reset
  28. Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime Hard Reset
  29. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Hard Reset
  30. Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Hard Reset
  31. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Hard Reset
  32. Samsung Galaxy A7 LTE Hard Reset
  33. Samsung Continuum Hard Reset
  34. Samsung Galaxy C8 Hard Reset
  35. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Hard Reset
  36. Samsung Galaxy A3 Hard Reset
  37. Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Hard Reset
  38. Samsung Exhilarate Hard Reset
  39. Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos Hard Reset
  40. Samsung Epic 4G Touch Hard Reset
  41. Samsung Galaxy S7 Hard Reset
  42. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos La Fleur Hard Reset
  43. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Hard Reset
  44. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hard Reset
  45. Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Hard Reset
  46. Samsung Galaxy S5 Hard Reset
  47. Samsung Galaxy J5 Hard Reset
  48. Samsung Galaxy A7 Hard Reset
  49. Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini Hard Reset
  50. Samsung Ace La Fleur Hard Reset
  51. Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt Hard Reset
  52. Samsung Exhibit 4G Hard Reset
  53. Samsung Galaxy Wide 3 Hard Reset
  54. Samsung Galaxy A8s Hard Reset
  55. Samsung Galaxy A80 Hard Reset
  56. Samsung Galaxy A6s Hard Reset
  57. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Hard Reset
  58. Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo Hard Reset
  59. Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Hard Reset
  60. Samsung Galaxy A2 Core Hard Reset
  61. Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) Hard Reset
  62. Samsung Galaxy A40 Hard Reset
  63. Samsung Galaxy S10e Hard Reset
  64. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 Hard Reset
  65. Samsung Galaxy A30 Hard Reset
  66. Samsung Galaxy A70 Hard Reset
  67. Samsung W2019 Hard Reset
  68. Samsung Galaxy A20e Hard Reset
  69. Samsung Galaxy A9s Hard Reset
  70. Samsung Galaxy A8 Star Hard Reset
  71. Samsung Galaxy A6 Hard Reset
  72. Samsung Galaxy S10 Hard Reset
  73. Samsung Galaxy J4 Hard Reset
  74. Samsung Galaxy M20 Hard Reset
  75. Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Lite Hard Reset
  76. Samsung Galaxy A8 Hard Reset
  77. Samsung Galaxy S Light Luxury Hard Reset
  78. Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Hard Reset
  79. Samsung Galaxy Jean Hard Reset
  80. Samsung Galaxy A10 Hard Reset
  81. Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus Hard Reset
  82. Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus Hard Reset
  83. Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini Hard Reset
  84. Samsung Galaxy M40 Hard Reset
  85. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Hard Reset
  86. Samsung Galaxy On8 (2018) Hard Reset
  87. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2019) Hard Reset
  88. Samsung Galaxy S8 Hard Reset
  89. Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Hard Reset
  90. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Hard Reset
  91. Samsung Galaxy A50 Hard Reset
  92. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Hard Reset
  93. Samsung Galaxy A10e Hard Reset
  94. Samsung Galaxy J2 (2018) Hard Reset
  95. Samsung Galaxy Fold Hard Reset
  96. Samsung Galaxy A60 Hard Reset
  97. Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) Hard Reset
  98. Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus Hard Reset
  99. Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Hard Reset
  100. Samsung Galaxy J8 Hard Reset
  101. Samsung Galaxy A40s Hard Reset
  102. Samsung Galaxy J6 Hard Reset
  103. Samsung Galaxy On6 Hard Reset
  104. Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) Hard Reset
  105. Samsung M30 Hard Reset
  106. Samsung Galaxy Xcover FieldPro Hard Reset
  107. Samsung Galaxy A70s Hard Reset
  108. Samsung Galaxy A20s Hard Reset
  109. Samsung Galaxy M30s Hard Reset
  110. Samsung Galaxy M10s Hard Reset
  111. Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Hard Reset
  112. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro Hard Reset
  113. Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Hard Reset
  114. Samsung Galaxy A30s Hard Reset
  115. Samsung Galaxy A50s Hard Reset
  116. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G Hard Reset
  117. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Hard Reset
  118. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G Hard Reset
  119. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Hard Reset
  120. Samsung Galaxy A10s Hard Reset
  121. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Hard Reset
  122. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) Hard Reset
  123. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4s Hard Reset
  124. Samsung Galaxy Active Hard Reset
  125. Samsung Galaxy Alpha Hard Reset
  126. Samsung Galaxy Amp Hard Reset
  127. Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G Hard Reset
  128. Samsung Galaxy Avant Hard Reset
  129. Samsung Galaxy Beam Hard Reset
  130. Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 Hard Reset
  131. Samsung Galaxy Core Hard Reset
  132. Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Hard Reset
  133. Samsung Galaxy Core Advance Hard Reset
  134. Samsung Galaxy Core LTE Hard Reset
  135. Samsung Galaxy Core Max Hard Reset
  136. Samsung Galaxy Core mini 4G Hard Reset
  137. Samsung Galaxy Core Plus Hard Reset
  138. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Hard Reset
  139. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE Hard Reset
  140. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE LTE Hard Reset
  141. Samsung Galaxy Discover Hard Reset
  142. Samsung Galaxy E5 Hard Reset
  143. Samsung Galaxy E5 LTE Hard Reset
  144. Samsung Galaxy E7 LTE Hard Reset
  145. Samsung Galaxy Exhibit Hard Reset
  146. Samsung Galaxy Express Hard Reset
  147. Samsung Galaxy Express 2 Hard Reset
  148. Samsung Galaxy Express Prime Hard Reset
  149. Samsung Galaxy Fame Hard Reset
  150. Samsung Galaxy Fame Duos Hard Reset
  151. Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite Hard Reset
  152. Samsung Galaxy Grand Hard Reset
  153. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Hard Reset
  154. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 LTE Hard Reset
  155. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Hard Reset
  156. Samsung Galaxy Grand Max LTE Hard Reset
  157. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Hard Reset
  158. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Duos TV Hard Reset
  159. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus Hard Reset
  160. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Hard Reset
  161. Samsung Galaxy J Hard Reset
  162. Samsung Galaxy J1 Hard Reset
  163. Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Hard Reset
  164. Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Neo Hard Reset
  165. Samsung Galaxy J1 Duos LTE Hard Reset
  166. Samsung Galaxy J1 mini Hard Reset
  167. Samsung Galaxy J2 Hard Reset
  168. Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro Hard Reset
  169. Samsung Galaxy J3 Hard Reset
  170. Samsung Galaxy J3 V Hard Reset
  171. Samsung Galaxy J7 Hard Reset
  172. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Hard Reset
  173. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom LTE Hard Reset
  174. Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Hard Reset
  175. Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 Hard Reset
  176. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Hard Reset
  177. Samsung Galaxy Mega Hard Reset
  178. Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus Hard Reset
  179. Samsung Galaxy mini 2 Hard Reset
  180. Samsung Galaxy Music Hard Reset
  181. Samsung Galaxy Music Duos Hard Reset
  182. Samsung Galaxy Neo Hard Reset
  183. Samsung Galaxy Nexus Hard Reset
  184. Samsung Galaxy Nexus Telus Hard Reset
  185. Samsung Galaxy Note Hard Reset
  186. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hard Reset
  187. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Duos Hard Reset
  188. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE Hard Reset
  189. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hard Reset
  190. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Duos Hard Reset
  191. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE Hard Reset
  192. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE Plus Hard Reset
  193. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE-A Hard Reset
  194. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Hard Reset
  195. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos Hard Reset
  196. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hard Reset
  197. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Hard Reset
  198. Samsung Galaxy Note II Hard Reset
  199. Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE Hard Reset
  200. Samsung Galaxy Note3 Lite Hard Reset
  201. Samsung Galaxy Note5 Hard Reset
  202. Samsung Galaxy On5 Hard Reset
  203. Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro Hard Reset
  204. Samsung Galaxy On7 Hard Reset
  205. Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro Hard Reset
  206. Samsung Galaxy Pocket Hard Reset
  207. Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 Hard Reset
  208. Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo Hard Reset
  209. Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus Hard Reset
  210. Samsung Galaxy Pop Hard Reset
  211. Samsung Galaxy Precedent Hard Reset
  212. Samsung Galaxy Premier Hard Reset
  213. Samsung Galaxy Prevail Hard Reset
  214. Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Hard Reset
  215. Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Hard Reset
  216. Samsung Galaxy R Style Hard Reset
  217. Samsung Galaxy Reverb Hard Reset
  218. Samsung Galaxy Round Hard Reset
  219. Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro Hard Reset
  220. Samsung Galaxy Rush Hard Reset
  221. Samsung Galaxy S Advance Hard Reset
  222. Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Hard Reset
  223. Samsung Galaxy S Duos Hard Reset
  224. Samsung Galaxy S II Hard Reset
  225. Samsung Galaxy S II Duos Hard Reset
  226. Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE Hard Reset
  227. Samsung Galaxy S II LTE Hard Reset
  228. Samsung Galaxy S II Plus Hard Reset
  229. Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Hard Reset
  230. Samsung Galaxy S II TV Hard Reset
  231. Samsung Galaxy S II WiMAX ISW11SC Hard Reset
  232. Samsung Galaxy S III Hard Reset
  233. Samsung Galaxy S III La Fleur Hard Reset
  234. Samsung Galaxy S III mini Hard Reset
  235. Samsung Galaxy S III mini La Fleur Hard Reset
  236. Samsung Galaxy S III mini VE Hard Reset
  237. Samsung Galaxy S III Neo Plus Hard Reset
  238. Samsung Galaxy S IV Hard Reset
  239. Samsung Galaxy S Lightray Hard Reset
  240. Samsung Galaxy S3 Slim Hard Reset
  241. Samsung Galaxy S4 Hard Reset
  242. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Hard Reset
  243. Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Hard Reset
  244. Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Plus Hard Reset
  245. Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A Hard Reset
  246. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Hard Reset
  247. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini LTE Hard Reset
  248. Samsung Galaxy S4 Sprint Hard Reset
  249. Samsung Galaxy S4 VE Hard Reset
  250. Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon Hard Reset
  251. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Hard Reset
  252. Samsung Galaxy S5 4G Hard Reset
  253. Samsung Galaxy S5 4G Plus Hard Reset
  254. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Hard Reset
  255. Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos Hard Reset
  256. Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos LTE Hard Reset
  257. Samsung Galaxy S5 GPE Hard Reset
  258. Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A Hard Reset
  259. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Hard Reset
  260. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini duos Hard Reset
  261. Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Hard Reset
  262. Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Hard Reset
  263. Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Hard Reset
  264. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Hard Reset
  265. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Hard Reset
  266. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers Hard Reset
  267. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Hard Reset
  268. Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Hard Reset
  269. Samsung Galaxy SIII I939 Hard Reset
  270. Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Hard Reset
  271. Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus Hard Reset
  272. Samsung Galaxy Star Hard Reset
  273. Samsung Galaxy Star Trios Hard Reset
  274. Samsung Galaxy TabQ Hard Reset
  275. Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 Lite Hard Reset
  276. Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 Lite Duos Hard Reset
  277. Samsung Galaxy Trend 3 Hard Reset
  278. Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos II Hard Reset
  279. Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos Hard Reset
  280. Samsung Galaxy Trend i699i Hard Reset
  281. Samsung Galaxy Trend II Hard Reset
  282. Samsung Galaxy Tren Hard Reset
  283. Samsung Galaxy V Hard Reset
  284. Samsung Galaxy V Duos Hard Reset
  285. Samsung Galaxy V Plus Hard Reset
  286. Samsung Galaxy W Hard Reset
  287. Samsung Galaxy Wide Hard Reset
  288. Samsung Galaxy Win Hard Reset
  289. Samsung Galaxy Win 2 Duos TV Hard Reset
  290. Samsung Galaxy Win Pro Hard Reset
  291. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 Hard Reset
  292. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 Hard Reset
  293. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Hard Reset
  294. Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Hard Reset
  295. Samsung Galaxy Y Plus Hard Reset
  296. Samsung Galaxy Y TV Hard Reset
  297. Samsung Galaxy Young Hard Reset
  298. Samsung Galaxy Young 2 Duos Hard Reset
  299. Samsung Gem Hard Reset
  300. Samsung GT-B9062 Hard Reset
  301. Samsung GT-i5500 Galaxy 5 Hard Reset
  302. Samsung GT-i5700 Hard Reset
  303. Samsung GT-i5800 Galaxy 3 Hard Reset
  304. Samsung GT-i5801 Hard Reset
  305. Samsung GT-i6500U Saturn Hard Reset
  306. Samsung GT-i7500 Hard Reset
  307. Samsung GT-i8150 Galaxy W Hard Reset
  308. Samsung GT-i8250 Hard Reset
  309. Samsung GT-i8262D Hard Reset
  310. Samsung GT-i8268 Hard Reset
  311. Samsung GT-i8520 Beam Hard Reset
  312. Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S Hard Reset
  313. Samsung GT-i9001 Galaxy S Plus Hard Reset
  314. Samsung GT-i9003 Galaxy SL Hard Reset
  315. Samsung GT-i9010 Hard Reset
  316. Samsung GT-i9023 Google Nexus S Hard Reset
  317. Samsung GT-i9103 Galaxy S II Hard Reset
  318. Samsung GT-i9192 Hard Reset
  319. Samsung GT-i9301i Hard Reset
  320. Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y Hard Reset
  321. Samsung GT-S5570 Mini Hard Reset
  322. Samsung GT-S5570i Hard Reset
  323. Samsung GT-S5660 Gio Hard Reset
  324. Samsung GT-S5670 Fit Hard Reset
  325. Samsung GT-S5690 Xcover Hard Reset
  326. Samsung GT-S5830 Ace Hard Reset
  327. Samsung GT-S5839i Hard Reset
  328. Samsung GT-S7260 Hard Reset
  329. Samsung GT-S7262 Hard Reset
  330. Samsung GT-S7390 Hard Reset
  331. Samsung GT-S7392 Hard Reset
  332. Samsung GT-S7560 Hard Reset
  333. Samsung GT-S7562 Hard Reset
  334. Samsung GT-S7580 Hard Reset
  335. Samsung GT-S7582 Hard Reset
  336. Samsung Illusion Hard Reset
  337. Samsung Jasper Hard Reset
  338. Samsung Legend Hard Reset
  339. Samsung Mesmerize Hard Reset
  340. Samsung Naos Galaxy Hard Reset
  341. Samsung Nexus S Hard Reset
  342. Samsung Nexus S 4G Hard Reset
  343. Samsung Repp Hard Reset
  344. Samsung Rugby Smart Hard Reset
  345. Samsung SCH-i510 Hard Reset
  346. Samsung SCH-i515 Hard Reset
  347. Samsung SCH-i520 Hard Reset
  348. Samsung SCH-i535 Hard Reset
  349. Samsung SCH-i589 Ace Duos Hard Reset
  350. Samsung SCH-i919 Reset Hard Reset
  351. Samsung SCH-R720 Admire Hard Reset
  352. Samsung SCH-R830 Hard Reset
  353. Samsung SGH-i473 Hard Reset
  354. Samsung SGH-i747 Hard Reset
  355. Samsung SGH-i897 Captivate Hard Reset
  356. Samsung SGH-i997 Infuse 4G Hard Reset
  357. Samsung SGH-T939 Behold 2 Hard Reset
  358. Samsung SGH-T989 Hard Reset
  359. Samsung SGH-T999 Hard Reset
  360. Samsung SHV-E160S Hard Reset
  361. Samsung SHV-E210S Hard Reset
  362. Samsung SHV-E250S Hard Reset
  363. Samsung SHV-E270S Hard Reset
  364. Samsung SHV-E300S Hard Reset
  365. Samsung SHV-E310S Hard Reset
  366. Samsung SHV-E470S Hard Reset
  367. Samsung SHW-M100S Galaxy A Hard Reset
  368. Samsung SHW-M110S Galaxy S Hard Reset
  369. Samsung SHW-M240S Hard Reset
  370. Samsung SHW-M250S Hard Reset
  371. Samsung SHW-M340s Hard Reset
  372. Samsung SHW-M420S Hard Reset
  373. Samsung SHW-M440S Hard Reset
  374. Samsung SM-G357FZ Hard Reset
  375. Samsung SM-G510F Hard Reset
  376. Samsung SM-G530BT Hard Reset
  377. Samsung SM-G7106 Hard Reset
  378. Samsung SM-G710K Hard Reset
  379. Samsung SM-G710L Hard Reset
  380. Samsung SM-G710S Hard Reset
  381. Samsung SPH-D600 Conquer Hard Reset
  382. Samsung SPH-L710 Hard Reset
  383. Samsung Teos Galaxy Hard Reset
  384. Samsung Vibrant Hard Reset
  385. Samsung Victory 4G LTE Hard Reset

Hard Reset with Recovery Mode

This method format all mobile data like photos, apps, music files, and contacts, etc. So backup Android data before resetting your smartphone if possible. You can not recover data after a hard reset.

Method – 1

  • First, Switch off your Samsung mobile, by holding the power button.
  • After that, hold down the Volume Up + Power Button (Volume Down +  Power Button).
  • When you see the  Samsung or Android Logo screen, release all the buttons.
  • Afterward, choose to wipe data/factory reset option, Using the Volume button and confirm with the Power button.
Android wipe data/factory reset in recovery mode.
  • Navigate with Volume Button to select Yes option and press the Power button.
  • Once the reset is complete, you will be bounced back to the same recovery mode menu.
  • Next, press the Power button to select Reboot system now.
  • Well done, You are successfully Hard Reset your Mobile.

Note: If you do not go to recovery mode automatically after releasing all buttons do this. While holding down the Power button press and release Volume Up Button.

Method – 2

  • First, Switch off your Samsung mobile, by holding the power button.
  • After that, Hold down the
    • Volume Down +  Power Button or
    • Volume Up + Power Button.
  • When you see the Samsung or Android Logo screen, release all the buttons.
  • Next, you will see Android exclamation mark.
  • While holding down the Power button press and release Volume Up Button.
  • Afterward, Choose wipe data/factory reset option, Using Volume Buttons and confirm with Power button.
  • Navigate with Volume Buttons to select Yes option and press the Power Button.
  • Once the reset is complete, you will be bounced back to the same recovery mode menu.
  • Next, press the Power button to select Reboot system now.
  • Well done, You are successfully Hard Reset your Mobile.

Note: If you do not go to recovery mode automatically after releasing all buttons do this. Press the Power button.

If the above methods did not work, follow this guide to get more Hard reset methods via recovery mode.

Hard Reset Via Recovery Mode

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Related Guides Samsung

Unlock Software Update Flash File
Recovery Mode Secret Codes

Factory Reset Samsung

Here is the complete guide about How to Factory Reset Samsung mobile. This method may also delete all your device data like photos, apps, settings, and contacts, etc. So backup all your phone data before reset.

Factory Reset deletes all your device data. So backup all your Samsung mobile data (Media files, apps, and contacts, etc) before reset.

This is the Android 9 version factory reset method. Other versions available below.

Factory Data Reset from Settings

  • First, Switch on your mobile.
  • Then, open the setting’s menu.
  • Next, click on the About Phone or General management option.
  • Now, scroll down and select the reset option.
  • Then, select the Factory data reset option.
  • Next, scroll down and select the option Reset or Reset Phone.
  • Now, Enter your password.
  • Finally, Choose the Erase everything option.
  • Wait for a while, your device will be rebooted.
  • Factory reset completed on your mobile.

You can easily Restore Android Mobile Data after Hard Reset. In reset option you can also find auto restart option.

Android Factory data reset and reset network and accessibility settings

If your mobile has a different android version from above, please check out below link to factory reset your mobile.

Android Phone Factory Reset

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Reset Network Settings Samsung

This will reset all your network settings, including Wi-Fi settings, Mobile data settings, and Bluetooth settings.

  • Power On your Samsung mobile, by holding the power button.
  • Tap the Setting’s icon from your home screen.
  • Next, find Reset option (It may be in General management or About Phone).
  • From the list, tap on Reset network settings.
  • Then, select your sim and tab on Reset settings.
  • Again, tap on the option Reset Settings.
  • Well done, You are successfully Reset network settings in your Samsung Mobile.

Reset Accessibility Settings

Your phone accessibility settings will be reset to their default settings with this method.

Keyboard and font size won’t be reset. Accessibility settings in downloaded apps won’t be changed. Personal data on the phone won’t be changed.

  • Power On your phone, by holding the power button.
  • Tap the Setting’s icon from your home screen.
  • Next, find Reset option (It may be in General management or About Phone).
  • From the list, tap on Reset accessibility settings.
  • Then, tap on the option Reset Settings.
  • Well done, You are successfully Reset accessibility settings in your smartphone.

Samsung Unlock with Google Find My Device.

This is the best method to reset your Android phone remotely. This method useful when you lose your phone or not able to access your mobile.

You can also unlock your Samsung mobile with Google Find my device (Android Device Manager). This method also deletes all your Android phone data. After your device has been erased, you can’t locate it.

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You can only use this method if you already added Gmail account to your phone and having an active internet connection. If your device is offline, erasing will begin when it next comes online.

  • Take another phone or PC and open any browser.
  • After that, visit Google Find My Device.
  • Sign in using the Google login credentials which are used on your phone.
  • After login, there will be three different options Play Sound, Secure device and Erase device.
  • Now Click on Erase device option.
  • Afterward, you will see Erase all data menu.
  • Then tap on the Erase option.
  • Well done, You are successfully Reset your Samsung Mobile.

Reset Samsung with Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tools is a small utility to Unlock and Reset any Android phone without any password or PIN. You can also Wipe data (Media files, Contacts, and Apps, etc) on your Android phone.

Android Multi Tools support Windows 10, Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 7, XP and Vista. And also check Software and Hardware info of your Android mobile with Android Multi Tools.

You need Computer, USB cable, and Android multi-tools software to reset your device.

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All phone data will be deleted with this method.

Android Multi Tools - Reset and unlock any Android phone.

Follow these steps to reset your phone.

  • First, Download the Android Multi Tools.
  • Then, open Android Multi Tools v1.02b gsmforum file in the downloaded folder.
  • Then, connect your mobile device to PC via USB cable.
  • After that, press 5 on PC to wipe all data on your device.
  • Wait for a while.
  • Finally, your device will be rebooted and wiped successfully.

Here you can download and install Android multi-tools for free. Check out below link.

Download Android Multi Tools

General FAQ – Reset Samsung

How to Reset Samsung phone?

You can easily reset Samsung Android phone with Hard reset and factory reset methods. You can also reset your phone with Google find my device and other software.

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What is Recovery Mode in Samsung?

Android Recovery Mode is an independent and lightweight runtime environment that is included in a separate partition from the main Android operating system on any Android device.
Recovery Mode on allows you to Wipe data or factory reset, Reboot system, and update software, etc without entering into your phone.

Can I Reset Samsung phone without Password?

Yes, you can easily reset without password with Hard reset and Google find my device methods, etc.

How do I reset my Samsung to factory settings?

You can reset your phone to factory settings via Settings menu >> backup and reset option.

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Does a factory reset delete everything Samsung

Yes, it will delete everything from your phone. You can back up all your data before factory reset from the setting’s menu.

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