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Flash File Intex phone

Here you can download the latest and original flash file for Intex Android phone. And also download the flash tool for flashing firmware of Intex mobile for free.

What is Android Flashing?

Android Flashing is a method to removing stock firmware (Software) from android device (Phone or Tablet etc) and replace with same version or any other version. Simply, flashing means changing the operating system (Android OS or Phone OS). You can flash your device with Recovery mode or Flash tool.

You may upgrade or downgrade the Android firmware with flashing. Flashing will fix numbers of issues like software issues, IMEI related issues and improve device performance etc. Flashing delete all your device data like photos, contacts, and apps, etc.

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What is the Stock ROM?

Stock ROMs are the ones that come by default in Android devices like phones and tablets etc. These are customized versions of Android developed by manufacturers (Like Google etc) and carriers to let users stick to their devices with unique looks and features. All the “out-of-the-box” smartphones or tablets or other devices are all shipped with stock ROM.

Select Intex Phone to Download Flash File

  1. Intex Cloud String v2.0 Flash File
  2. Intex Aqua Strong 5.1 Flash File
  3. Intex Aqua Viturbo Flash File
  4. Intex Aqua Marvel Flash File
  5. Intex Aqua Flash Flash File
  6. Intex Aqua wonder Quad Core Flash File
  7. Intex Turbo 3.5 Flash File
  8. Intex Aqua Wonder Flash File
  9. Intex Aqua Glow Flash File
  10. Intex Aqua Marvel Plus Flash File
  11. Intex Cloud Z5 Flash File
  12. Intex Aqua Active Flash File
  13. Intex Aqua Superb Flash File
  14. Intex Aqua i-5 Flash File
  15. Intex Cloud XI Flash File
  16. Intex Cloud X3 Flash File
  17. Intex Cloud X4 Flash File
  18. Intex Aqua i-4 Flash File
  19. Intex Cloud Y2 Flash File
  20. Intex Cloud Y5 Flash File
  21. Intex Aqua i7 Flash File
  22. Intex Aqua HD Flash File
  23. Intex Aqua N2 Flash File
  24. Intex Aqua i6 Flash File
  25. Intex aqua i2 Flash File
  26. Intex Aqua Octa Flash File
  27. Intex Aqua i4 Plus Flash File
  28. Intex Aqua Curve Flash File
  29. Intex Aqua i15 Flash File
  30. Intex Cloud Y11 Flash File
  31. Intex Cloud X11 Flash File
  32. Intex Cloud X1 Plus Flash File
  33. Intex Cloud Y12 Flash File
  34. Intex Aqua N8 Flash File
  35. Intex Cloud X12 Flash File
  36. Intex Cloud Y4 Plus Flash File
  37. Intex Aqua N4 Flash File
  38. Intex Aqua i5 HD Flash File
  39. Intex Aqua i5 Mini Flash File
  40. Intex Aqua 3G Flash File
  41. Intex Aqua i14 Flash File
  42. Intex Aqua N15 Flash File
  43. Intex Aqua Curve Mini Flash File
  44. Intex Aqua Style Flash File
  45. Intex Aqua Style Pro Flash File
  46. Intex Aqua Style Mini Flash File
  47. Intex Aqua 4X Flash File
  48. Intex Aqua T2 Flash File
  49. Intex Aqua Star Flash File
  50. Intex Aqua Star Power Flash File
  51. Intex Aqua Y2 Pro Flash File
  52. Intex Aqua Star HD Flash File
  53. Intex Aqua Slice Flash File
  54. Intex Aqua Style X Flash File
  55. Intex Aqua Amaze Flash File
  56. Intex Aqua 3G Mini Flash File
  57. Intex Aqua T4 Flash File
  58. Intex Aqua T5 Flash File
  59. Intex Aqua i5 Octa Flash File
  60. Intex Aqua V4 Flash File
  61. Intex Aqua Power Flash File
  62. Intex Aqua KAT Flash File
  63. Intex Aqua Xtreme Flash File
  64. Intex Aqua R3 Flash File
  65. Intex Aqua V3 Flash File
  66. Intex Aqua V2 Flash File
  67. Intex Aqua 4.5E Flash File
  68. Intex Aqua A1 Flash File
  69. Intex Aqua Q1 Flash File
  70. Intex Aqua 3G Plus Flash File
  71. Intex Aqua V Flash File
  72. Intex Aqua Eco Flash File
  73. Intex Aqua Y3 Flash File
  74. Intex Aqua Desire Flash File
  75. Intex Aqua Power HD Flash File
  76. Intex Aqua 5X Flash File
  77. Intex Aqua 3G Star Flash File
  78. Intex Aqua X Flash File
  79. Intex Aqua X15 Flash File
  80. Intex Aqua Star L Flash File
  81. Intex Aqua Q3 Flash File
  82. Intex Aqua Star II Flash File
  83. Intex Aqua Y2 Remote Flash File
  84. Intex Aqua Speed Flash File
  85. Intex Aqua N7 Flash File
  86. Intex Aqua Amoled Flash File
  87. Intex Aqua HD 5.0 Flash File
  88. Intex Aqua Y2 Flash File
  89. Intex Aqua Xtreme V Flash File
  90. Intex Aqua Desire HD Flash File
  91. Intex Aqua M5 Flash File
  92. Intex Aqua Dream Flash File
  93. Intex Aqua Speed HD Flash File
  94. Intex Aqua Y2 Plus Flash File
  95. Intex Cloud M6 Flash File
  96. Intex Aqua Power Plus Flash File
  97. Intex Aqua Star II HD Flash File
  98. Intex Aqua Life Flash File
  99. Intex Cloud N Flash File
  100. Intex Cloud M5 II Flash File
  101. Intex Aqua Life II Flash File
  102. Intex Cloud Power Plus Flash File
  103. Intex Aqua 3G Pro Flash File
  104. Intex Aqua 3G Strong Flash File
  105. Intex Aqua 4G Plus Flash File
  106. Intex Aqua Q4 Flash File
  107. Intex Aqua Xtreme II Flash File
  108. Intex Cloud N IPS Flash File
  109. Intex Aqua Y4 Flash File
  110. Intex Aqua Y2 Ultra Flash File
  111. Intex Aqua Q5 Flash File
  112. Intex Aqua A2 Flash File
  113. Intex Aqua Y2 Power Flash File
  114. Intex Cloud Q5 Flash File
  115. Intex Aqua Trend Flash File
  116. Intex Cloud 4G Star Flash File
  117. Intex Cloud Pace Flash File
  118. Intex Aqua Dream II Flash File
  119. Intex Aqua Q1 Plus Flash File
  120. Intex Aqua Sense 5.0 Flash File
  121. Intex Aqua 3G Neo Flash File
  122. Intex Aqua Turbo 4G Flash File
  123. Intex Aqua Slice II Flash File
  124. Intex Cloud V Flash File
  125. Intex Aqua V5 Flash File
  126. Intex Aqua Glam Flash File
  127. Intex Aqua Power II Flash File
  128. Intex Aqua Ace Flash File
  129. Intex Aqua Play Flash File
  130. Intex Cloud Swift Flash File
  131. Intex Aqua Life III Flash File
  132. Intex Aqua Young Flash File
  133. Intex Aqua Q7 Flash File
  134. Intex Aqua 3G NS Flash File
  135. Intex Aqua Super Flash File
  136. Intex Aqua Wave Flash File
  137. Intex Aqua Air Flash File
  138. Intex Cloud Zest Flash File
  139. Intex Cloud Flash Flash File
  140. Intex Cloud Cube Flash File
  141. Intex Aqua GenX Flash File
  142. Intex Aqua Q7 Pro Flash File
  143. Intex Cloud Champ Flash File
  144. Intex Cloud 3G Candy Flash File
  145. Intex Cloud 3G Gem Flash File
  146. Intex Cloud 4G Smart Flash File
  147. Intex Aqua Air II Flash File
  148. Intex Cloud Crystal 2.5D Flash File
  149. Intex Aqua Wing Flash File
  150. Intex Aqua Lite Flash File
  151. Intex Aqua Ace II Flash File
  152. Intex Aqua Raze Flash File
  153. Intex Aqua Craze Flash File
  154. Intex Aqua Freedom Flash File
  155. Intex Aqua Ace Mini Flash File
  156. Intex Aqua Twist Flash File
  157. Intex Cloud Breeze Flash File
  158. Intex Aqua 4G Strong Flash File
  159. Intex Cloud Force Flash File
  160. Intex Cloud Jewel Flash File
  161. Intex Aqua G2 Flash File
  162. Intex Aqua 4.5 Pro Flash File
  163. Intex Cloud Gem Plus Flash File
  164. Intex Aqua Joy Flash File
  165. Intex Cloud Fame Flash File
  166. Intex Cloud String HD Flash File
  167. Intex Aqua Shine 4G Flash File
  168. Intex Aqua Secure Flash File
  169. Intex Cloud Glory 4G Flash File
  170. Intex Aqua View Flash File
  171. Intex Aqua Sense 5.1 Flash File
  172. Intex Aqua Classic Flash File
  173. Intex Aqua 3G Pro Q Flash File
  174. Intex Aqua Pride Flash File
  175. Intex Aqua Q7N Flash File
  176. Intex Aqua Ring Flash File
  177. Intex Aqua Music Flash File
  178. Intex Cloud Tread Flash File
  179. Intex Aqua Q7N Pro Flash File
  180. Intex Aqua Costa Flash File
  181. Intex Aqua HD 5.5 Flash File
  182. Intex Aqua 4.5 3G Flash File
  183. Intex Aqua S7 Flash File
  184. Intex Cloud Q11 Flash File
  185. Intex Aqua Raze II Flash File
  186. Intex Aqua S2 Flash File
  187. Intex Aqua Pro Flash File
  188. Intex Aqua Strong 5.2 Flash File
  189. Intex Aqua 5.5 VR Flash File
  190. Intex Aqua Craze II Flash File
  191. Intex Aqua Q8 Flash File
  192. Intex Cloud Scan FP Flash File
  193. Intex Aqua Power M Flash File
  194. Intex Aqua E4 Flash File
  195. Intex Cloud S9 Flash File
  196. Intex Aqua Classic 2 Flash File
  197. Intex Cloud Style 4G Flash File
  198. Intex Aqua Amaze Plus Flash File
  199. Intex Aqua Supreme Plus Flash File
  200. Intex Aqua Crystal Flash File
  201. Intex Aqua 4.0 Flash File
  202. Intex Aqua Lions Flash File
  203. Intex Aqua Strong 5.1 Plus Flash File
  204. Intex Aqua Trend Lite Flash File
  205. Intex Aqua 4G Mini Flash File
  206. Intex Aqua Prime 4G Flash File
  207. Intex ELYT-e1 Flash File
  208. Intex Aqua A4 Flash File
  209. Intex Aqua Crystal Plus Flash File
  210. Intex Aqua S3 Flash File
  211. Intex Aqua Zenith Flash File
  212. Intex Elyt e7 Flash File
  213. Intex Aqua Selfie Flash File
  214. Intex Aqua Lions 3 Flash File
  215. Intex Aqua Power IV Flash File
  216. Intex Aqua Style III Flash File
  217. Intex Aqua Note 5.5 Flash File
  218. Intex Aqua 5.5 VR Plus Flash File
  219. Intex Cloud C1 Flash File
  220. Intex Aqua S1 Flash File
  221. Intex Aqua Lions 2 Flash File
  222. Intex Aqua Lions X1 Plus Flash File
  223. Intex Aqua Lions T1 Flash File
  224. Intex Aqua Lions X1 Flash File
  225. Intex Aqua Jewel 2 Flash File
  226. Intex Elyt Dual Flash File
  227. Intex Aqua Lions N1 Flash File
  228. Intex Elyt E6 Flash File
  229. Intex Aqua Lions T1 Lite Flash File
  230. Intex Aqua Lions E3 Flash File
  231. Intex Infie 3 Flash File
  232. Intex Uday Flash File
  233. Intex Staari 10 Flash File
  234. Intex Infie 33 Flash File
  235. Intex Indie 5 Flash File
  236. Intex Staari 11 Flash File

Flashing with Recovery

Android phones with Android 8 and higher version cannot flash with the lower version (You can check the current version of your Intex phone in Settings > System update).

You can update the firmware with a flash file with this method. Install the latest version of stock ROM of your Intex mobile.

All data will be deleted with this method. Backup before update firmware.

Method – 1

  • Download the firmware file and move to SD Card storage.
  • Switch off your Intex mobile, by holding the power button.
  • After that, Hold down the
    • Volume Up + Power Button or
    • Volume Down + Power Button
  • When you see t Intex Logo screen, release all the buttons.
  • Afterward, choose the wipe data/factory reset option, Using Volume Buttons and confirm with the power button.
wipe data option
  • Navigate with Volume Buttons to select Yes option and press the Power Button.
  • Once the reset is complete, you will be bounced back to the same recovery mode menu.
  • Now Choose Apply update from SD card option.
  • Then locate the downloaded firmware file from Storage.
  • After that, Tap on the firmware file and install it.
  • Your device will begin updating automatically.
  • Next, choose the Reboot to System option.
  • Finally, your device should boot to the new version.

Method – 2

  • First, Switch off your Intex mobile, by holding the power button.
  • After that, Hold down the
    • Volume Down + Power Button or
    • Volume Up + Power Button
  • When you see t Intex Logo screen, release all the buttons.
  • Afterward, Choose the wipe data/factory reset option, Using Volume Buttons and confirm with the Power button.
  • Navigate with Volume Buttons to select Yes option and press the Power Button.
  • Next, choose the Reboot to System option.
  • Now Download the Firmware Update file and move to Drive storage {Do not put the file in the folder}.
  • Then Locate Downloaded Firmware Update file from Storage.
  • After that, Tap on the Firmware Update file and install it.

Don’t install this firmware file on any other phones.

If above methods did not work, Follow this guide Intex Hard Reset to wipe all data.

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Exit Recovery mode

If you stuck at recovery mode or do you want to exit from recovery, Follow these steps.

  • After you enter the Recovery Mode menu.
  • Then Select Reboot System option, using Volume buttons and press the Power button to confirm.
  • Next, Your device will be rebooted automatically.
  • You have successfully exited Recovery mode

Note: You can also exit by the press and hold the power button for a while.

Intex Related Guides

Reset Unlock Software Update
Recovery Mode Secret Codes

Flashing with Flash Tool

You can Flash Intex Android phone firmware with flash tool. Here you can get detailed information about firmware flashing with flash tool.

This process erases all data like photos, contacts, and apps, etc on your Android phone. So backup all data before flashing your device.

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Flash with flash tool

  1. First download the required flash file, flash tool, and USB drivers on your PC.
  2. Then, Install the USB drivers for your Android phone on PC.
  3. Next, launch the Flash tool on your computer.
  4. Then, switch off your Android mobile.
  5. Next, press and hold the volume up + power button at a time.
  6. After that, Connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.
  7. Then, browse the flash file in the flash tool and click on the download button.
  8. Now flashing starts on your Android phone.
  9. Flashing firmware takes 10 to 15 minutes. Please wait until the flashing completed.
  10. After flashing completed, Your device will be automatically rebooted.
  11. Flashing done on your device.
  12. Finally, remove the phone from the PC.

Download Flash Tools

Here you can download the latest and best flash tools for flashing any Android phone firmware. Check out the below link to download the flash tools.

Flash Tools Download

Download Android USB Drivers

Here you can Download and install Intex Android mobile device USB (Universal Serial Bus) drivers for free. We provide official links of original equipment manufacturers sites to download drivers.

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Check out below link to download the Android USB drivers.

Download USB Drivers

General FAQ

Can I install the firmware of other phones in my Intex phone?

The firmware or Stock ROM is not the same for all Android phones. So trying to install Intex flash file on any other phone.

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Can I downgrade my Intex phone to the lower Android version?

You can not downgrade to the lower version if your phone has an Android 8 or higher version. If you want to downgrade to the lower version, please go to the nearest Intex service center.

It prompts “Decryption unsuccessful” while installing the firmware. What should I do?

Please don`t worry, go to Intex service center near you and they will help you solve this issue.

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