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How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone? Hacked Solutions.

How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone
How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone

How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone?

Today phones have become very important in everyone’s life. Phones contain a lot of data related to our personal life. Things can get dangerous if the phone hacks.

If your phone gets hacked, the hacker can reach all the data present in your phone. A hacker may leak all your important data, pictures, and other stuff present in your mobile phone in the worst scenario.

If you do not want to deal with such a situation, then this article is for you. We are here to tell you how to keep your phone safe.

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Why Does the Phone Get Hacked?

First, it is very important to know why the phone gets hacked or what hacking is. If someone other than yourself installs some software in your device to steal the data, then this is hacking.

With this software, a hacker can steal your data or monitor all your activities, including your location. Hacking phones are no longer difficult nowadays. A hacker doesn’t need to be a computer specialist.

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By installing the software that is commercially available on the internet, they can simply hack your phone. In this way, it is very easy for the hacker to hack someone’s phone.


How Do You Know That Your Phone is Hacked?

Many indications can give you the idea that your phone is not working well or is hacked. Some of these signs include;

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  • While using apps on the phone, the app crashes.
  • Sometimes, the device slows down while working or hangs up while operating the device.
  • While using the phones, sometimes unwanted app installation takes place.
  • High data usage takes place, and you will not understand why this happens.
  • Stubborn pop-ups or fake ads occur randomly while using the internet.

If you find any of these signs while using your android phone, then there is a need to check your phone. Whether it got hacked or not and you have to fix this problem.


How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone?

Fixing hacked phones requires a process.  Android phones are much more likely to be hacked than others for many reasons. If you come to know that your phone got hacked by someone, then at that time, stop using the web browser.

Remove all the bank card details from your mobile phone. After doing all these essential things, you have to go to the play store and search for Mobile security apps.

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You can use any suitable mobile security app. The security app will allow you to scan your android phone thoroughly. Scan it on your phone and follow all the instructions.

Such an app will tell you if you have any spyware installed and guide you on removing it quickly from your device. Install the anti-virus software only through the Play store. In the end, restore your phone for further working on it.


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How to Protect Your Android Phone in the Future?

There are different ways by which you can easily protect your phone from hacking in the future.

  1. Security App: Use any security app. The security app will help you to protect against any threats to the phone.
  2. Never Root the Device: If you root your device, then it will become easier for hackers to access your phone. By which the hackers can conveniently steal your data.
  3. Download Apps: Always try to download the apps from the official Google Play Store. By this, you will remain safe from downloading and installing the wrong software that hackers use to access your phone.
  4. Update: Keep all of your apps updated, and use a strong password to lock your phone.

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How to Completely Clean a Hacked Android Device?

The only way to truly clean a hacked Android device is to wipe and perform a hard reset on the device.

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