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Download LG Flash File

Here you can download the latest and original flash file for LG Android phone. You can update the firmware with this flash file. Install the latest version of stock ROM of your LG mobile.

You can not downgrade to the lower version if your phone has an Android 8 or higher version. If you want to downgrade to the lower version.

The firmware or Stock ROM is not the same for all Android phones. So trying to install LG flash file on any other phone.

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What is the Stock ROM?

Stock ROMs are the ones that come by default in Android devices like phones and tablets etc. These are customized versions of Android developed by manufacturers (Like Google etc) and carriers to let users stick to their devices with unique looks and features.

All the “out-of-the-box” smartphones or tablets or other devices are all shipped with stock ROM.

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LG Related Guides

Flashing may cause many issues to your phone, So instead you can follow these guides to solve your problem. Otherwise, download flash file below.

ResetUnlockSoftware Update
Recovery ModeSecret Codes

What is Android Flashing?

Android Flashing is a method to removing stock firmware (Software) from android device (Phone or Tablet etc) and replace with same version or any other version.

Simply, flashing means changing the operating system (Android OS or Phone OS). You can flash your device with Recovery mode or Flash tool.

You may upgrade or downgrade the Android firmware with flashing. Flashing will fix numbers of issues like software issues, IMEI related issues and improve device performance etc. Flashing delete all your device data like photos, contacts, and apps, etc.

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Download Flash Files

Here you can download the latest flash file (Stock ROM) for your Android Phone. Find your phone and click on download link.

LG X6Download
LG X4 (2019)Download
LG K12 PlusDownload
LG G8s ThinQDownload
LG V50 ThinQ 5GDownload
LG K40Download
LG K50Download
LG Q60Download
LG G8 ThinQDownload
LG Q9 OneDownload
LG Q9Download
LG V40 ThinQDownload
LG CandyDownload
LG G7 OneDownload
LG G7 FitDownload
LG Q8 (2018)Download
LG Signature Edition (2018)Download
LG K11 PlusDownload
LG X2Download
LG Stylo 4Download
LG X5 (2018)Download
LG Q Stylus PlusDownload
LG Q Stylus aDownload
LG Q StylusDownload
LG V35 Plus ThinQDownload
LG V35 ThinQDownload
LG Q7 PlusDownload
LG Q7aDownload
LG Q7Download
LG K30Download
LG K9Download
LG X4Download
LG V30S Plus ThinQDownload
LG V30S ThinQDownload
LG K8 (2018)Download
LG K10a (2018)Download
LG K10 Plus (2018)Download
LG K10 (2018)Download
LG X4 PlusDownload
LG X camDownload
LG Signature EditionDownload
LG V30 PlusDownload
LG V30Download
LG Q8Download
LG Stylo 3 PlusDownload
LG X ventureDownload
LG X500Download
LG G6 PlusDownload
LG Q6aDownload
LG Google Nexus 5Download
LG Google Nexus 5XDownload
LG Stylus 2Download
LG XcamDownload
LG X PowerDownload
LG X screenDownload
LG V20Download
LG G4 StylusDownload
LG G3 StylusDownload
LG Q6 PlusDownload
LG Q6Download
LG G6Download
LG K8Download
LG G5Download
LG G Flex 2Download
LG AKADownload
LG AllyDownload
LG Andro-1Download
LG ApexDownload
LG band PlayDownload
LG Bello IIDownload
LG C550Download
LG Class F620SDownload
LG Connect 4GDownload
LG D500Download
LG DM-01GDownload
LG Double PlayDownload
LG E460Download
LG E510 Optimus HubDownload
LG E730 Optimus SolDownload
LG E985TDownload
LG EnactDownload
LG EnlightenDownload
LG EscapeDownload
LG Escape 2Download
LG EsteemDownload
LG F3QDownload
LG F60Download
LG F70Download
LG F90Download
LG G FlexDownload
LG G Flex2Download
LG G Pad 8.0 V480Download
LG G Pad 8.0 V490Download
LG G Pad 8.3Download
LG G Pad II 10.1Download
LG G Pad II 8.0Download
LG G Pad II 8.3 LTEDownload
LG G Pro 2Download
LG G Pro 2 D838Download
LG G Pro LiteDownload
LG G StyloDownload
LG G VistaDownload
LG G Vista 2Download
LG G2Download
LG G2 F320Download
LG G2 L-01FDownload
LG G2 LiteDownload
LG G2 MiniDownload
LG G3Download
LG G3 ADownload
LG G3 BeatDownload
LG G3 F400Download
LG G3 LTE-ADownload
LG G3 sDownload
LG G4Download
LG G3 ScreenDownload
LG G4 BeatDownload
LG G4 Stylus 3GDownload
LG G4 Stylus H630Download
LG G4 Stylus H630DDownload
LG G4cDownload
LG GenesisDownload
LG GentleDownload
LG GT540Download
LG GW620Download
LG GXDownload
LG Ice Cream SmartDownload
LG IgniteDownload
LG Isai FLDownload
LG Isai Vivid LGV32Download
LG Isai VLDownload
LG JoyDownload
LG Joy TVDownload
LG K10Download
LG K10 LTEDownload
LG K7Download
LG K7 LTEDownload
LG L BelloDownload
LG L FinoDownload
LG L Prime D337Download
LG L20Download
LG L20 TriDownload
LG L30Download
LG L40Download
LG L35Download
LG L50 SportyDownload
LG L60Download
LG L65Download
LG L70Download
LG L70 TriDownload
LG L80Download
LG L90Download
LG LeonDownload
LG Leon 3GDownload
LG Leon H324Download
LG LogosDownload
LG LS720Download
LG LU6800Download
LG Lucid 2Download
LG Lucid 3Download
LG Lucid 4GDownload
LG MachDownload
LG MagnaDownload
LG Magna LTEDownload
LG MarqueeDownload
LG MaxDownload
LG MS500Download
LG MS659Download
LG myTouchDownload
LG myTouch QDownload
LG Nexus 4Download
LG Nexus 5Download
LG Nexus 5XDownload
LG Nitro HDDownload
LG Optimus 2XDownload
LG Optimus 2Download
LG Optimus 3D CubeDownload
LG Optimus 3D MaxDownload
LG Optimus 4G LTEDownload
LG Optimus 4X HDDownload
LG Optimus BlackDownload
LG Optimus CDownload
LG Optimus ChicDownload
LG Optimus EliteDownload
LG Optimus EXDownload
LG Optimus F5Download
LG Optimus F6Download
LG Optimus F7Download
LG Optimus GDownload
LG Optimus G E973Download
LG Optimus G E975Download
LG Optimus G ProDownload
LG Optimus G Pro E980Download
LG Optimus G Pro E988Download
LG Optimus GJDownload
LG Optimus L1 IIDownload
LG Optimus L1 II TriDownload
LG Optimus L3Download
LG Optimus L3 E405Download
LG Optimus L3 IIDownload
LG Optimus L4 IIDownload
LG Optimus L5 IIDownload
LG Optimus L7Download
LG Optimus L7 IIDownload
LG Optimus L9Download
LG Optimus L9 IIDownload
LG Optimus LTEDownload
LG Optimus LTE 2Download
LG Optimus LTE IIIDownload
LG Optimus MeDownload
LG Optimus NetDownload
LG Optimus OneDownload
LG Optimus One P504Download
LG Optimus P920Download
LG Optimus PadDownload
LG Optimus Pad LTEDownload
LG Optimus ProDownload
LG Optimus QDownload
LG Optimus Q2Download
LG Optimus RegardDownload
LG Optimus SliderDownload
LG Optimus TDownload
LG Optimus UDownload
LG Optimus VDownload
LG Optimus VuDownload
LG Optimus Vu IIDownload
LG Optimus ZDownload
LG Optimus WhiteDownload
LG Optimus Zone 3Download
LG P659Download
LG P692Download
LG P698Download
LG P768Download
LG P769Download
LG P895Download
LG P936Download
LG PhoenixDownload
LG Prada 3.0Download
LG Prime PlusDownload
LG Ray X190Download
LG RevolutionDownload
LG SpectrumDownload
LG Spectrum 2Download
LG SpiritDownload
LG Spirit 3GDownload
LG SplendorDownload
LG Spray 402LGDownload
LG SU760Download
LG Swift L5Download
LG ThrillDownload
LG ThriveDownload
LG TranspyreDownload
LG TributeDownload
LG Tribute 2Download
LG V10Download
LG V10 H900Download
LG V10 H901Download
LG V10 H960Download
LG V10 H962Download
LG V10 RS987Download
LG V10 VS990Download
LG ViperDownload
LG VM720Download
LG VoltDownload
LG Volt TVDownload
LG VortexDownload
LG VS410 Optimus ZoneDownload
LG Vu 3Download
LG Watch Urbane 2nd EditionDownload
LG Wine SmartDownload
LG Wine Smart 2015Download
LG Wine Smart JazzDownload
LG ZeroDownload
LG Zero H650KDownload

Flashing with Flash Tool

You can Flash LG Android phone firmware with flash tool. Here you can get detailed information about firmware flashing with flash tool.

This process erases all data like photos, contacts, and apps, etc on your Android phone. So backup all data before flashing your device.

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Flash with flash tool

  1. First download the required flash file, flash tool, and USB drivers on your PC.
  2. Then, Install the USB drivers for your Android phone on PC.
  3. Next, launch the Flash tool on your computer.
  4. Then, switch off your Android mobile.
  5. Next, press and hold the volume up + power button at a time.
  6. After that, Connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.
  7. Then, browse the flash file in the flash tool and click on the download button.
  8. Now flashing starts on your Android phone.
  9. Flashing firmware takes 10 to 15 minutes. Please wait until the flashing completed.
  10. After flashing completed, Your device will be automatically rebooted.
  11. Flashing done on your device.
  12. Finally, remove the phone from the PC.

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