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Clear Cookies on Android? How to Guide

How to clear cookies on android
How to clear cookies on android

How to Clear Cookies on Android?


Cookies are text files saved by web browsers, not the ones you bake. These text files save some important information to make your experience quicker and better. If you open a certain website the cookie file will be updated and the browser will now remember your identity the next time you visit the same website.


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Why is it important to remove Cookies?

Cookies might be loading the content of the webpage faster but can also turn out bad for you. Cookies as stated before contain your information. Email from the cookie file can be taken by the company or the website owners and be sold off to advertisement groups or third-party advertisers to send you ads and offers. They can send you promotional emails frequently which can turn out annoying. That is why you should clear out unnecessary cookie files.


How to clear cookies on Android phones?

Cookies contain information like your name, location, and preferences. Cookie files are the same whether you are on a computer browser or a mobile one. Either way, it is very easy to remove cookies from your android phone if you want to. You can easily erase cookies on an android device regardless of the web browser you are using. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. all have the same method to delete the cookies. Here’s how you can do that:

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  1. First, you need to open the web browser from your apps on the phone (which is mostly Chrome or the default company browser).
  2. After you have opened the browser you need to locate the Settings, in Chrome, you can find it on the top right by clicking the three dots.
  3. After you have figured out the settings, you need to click on the Advanced tab and go into the Privacy If you cannot locate it in the advanced tab it might be present in the Basics tab depending on the version you are using.
  4. Once you have made it to here, in the privacy section you will find something like Clear browsing data, this will take you to a tab that has different things listed that you can clear from your browser.
  5. After this tab has opened you will see 3 checkboxes under the Basic tab. Check the Cookies and site data. You can further clean and free up some space by checking the cached images and files (this contains the images and videos of the website preloaded to launch it quicker).
  6. If you want to clear your browsing history, you can also check that option. You can click on the clear button present at the top right corner and all the cookies from your browser will be cleared.
  7. There is also an Advanced tab next to the Basic. This tab contains some additional options along with the basic ones. There is an autofill form option that contains your information that you have filled in certain forms, if you want to clear that check the box next to it.
  8. Similarly, there is a save passwords option that stores all your passwords you can check it if you want to erase them.


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